Joe Rogan has become a powerful cultural influencer in recent years with the help of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Some describe him as Oprah for Millenials. His podcast features a variety of guests ranging from writers and artists to entrepreneurs and politicians.

Joe Rogan got REALLY into hunting a few years ago and is now an avid hunter. In this video clip from his podcast, Joe is joined by British actor and comedian Russell Brand. Brand, who is also a podcaster, is an on-again-off-again vegan and a vocal critic of factory farming and other animal rights issues.

This conversation provides a few tense moments but ultimately serves as a model for how people on opposite sides of issues should be able to talk. It’s respectful and both Joe and Russell seem aware enough to know that their particular point of view does not own truth. Both of them refuse to demonize people who disagree with their “side”.

Having Conversations with Anti-Hunters

As hunters, we need to take some cues from Joe Rogan and his thoughtful explanation of hunting. If you hate hunting take note of the way Russell Brand admits it’s based in a Disney view of the world. My favorite part of the whole conversation is when Brand admits he should never try to force his point of view on anyone.

This is the rub. If you disagree with me, I will still treat you with respect. I also need to respect others’ right to hold opinions that differ from mine. At some point, this type of conversation is unavoidable. You will encounter people who don’t like hunting. Use this chat as a model and make every effort to paint hunting in a good light. It’s important the people who don’t like hunting still like hunters.

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