The only thing better than getting new hunting gear is finding it CHEAP. As hunters, we are always on the lookout for new hunting gear that will help us have success in the field.

When I’m getting ready for hunting season I usually have a few pieces of gear in mind that I’d like to acquire and when hunting season is over I’ve usually found a few more holes in my gear collection. Getting a new piece of hunting gear fills me with faraway thoughts of being out in the woods chasing game, but like many of you I have a family and my hunting gear budget is not as big as I wish it was. So when I want new Hunting gear I have to find it cheap!

So here are all the websites and tactics I use to find cheap hunting gear online and offline!

Best Cheap Hunting Gear Online:

1. Camofire:

Camofire was possibly the retailer to adopt the sales model of offering up limited-time deals on high-quality, name-brand, hunting gear. This model was popularized by (see number 4). How it works is that Camofire offers up six deeply discounted deals that are time-sensitive and limited in quantity. Once the time is up or they sell out they are replaced by new deals. They also offer a seventh item called The Burn which reloads once per day. The opportunities are limited to what’s in front of your eyes but if you check in frequently you’re bound to score a great deal eventually. I bought a great set of Camo from Camofire a few years ago and had a great experience with the company.

Brands offered: Vortex, Sitka, Black Ovis, Bushnell, Nikon, Primos, ScentLok, Browning, Carbon Express, and more!

2. Cabela’s Bargain Cave

Cabela’s Bargain Cave is the place where discounted gear goes to live until you find it. Some of their retail stores that have an actual bargain cave which feels like a thrift store for hunting gear. Cabela’s online Bargain Cave has all of the deals but you don’t have to dig through them to find what you need. Since Cabela’s is one of the nation’s biggest sporting goods retailers you are bound to find some great gear at bargain prices.

3. Hunt of the Day

Hunt of the Day operates much like Camofire. Six amazing hunting gear deals are offered up at a time, but all of them are on a timer that is counting down. When the time runs out six new deals appear, which means the clock is ticking. Just like Camofire, Hunt of the Day offers up some premium brands and slashed prices.

Brands Offered: Sitka, Browning, Mojo, and much more.

4. Steep & Cheap

Ok. So I’ve said before that Steep & Cheap pioneered the “countdown deal” style websites. They’re not necessarily strictly a hunting gear site though. They are actually a clearance site for This means you will find a wider variety of outdoors gear on Steep & Cheap primarily in the backpacking, camping, hiking, biking vein. Even though it’s not dedicated hunting gear you can still find some really useful gear especially since a lot of backcountry style western hunting makes use of the same stuff.

I’ve found high-quality long underwear, performance wool socks, boots, lightweight sleeping pads, water purifiers, camo, tents, backpacks, and lots of other useful gear on Steep and Cheap.

5. Scheels Hunting Sale

Scheels is a huge hunting retailer and the Hunting Sale tab on their website usually has some pretty screaming deals. For example, I just did a quick check and found the Ameristep Supernatural Ground Blind for $93 cheaper than you can buy it on Amazon. That’s just one example of the kind of great savings you can expect.

6. Facebook Garage Sales

This one may take a little research. Most communities have a local online garage sale type group on Facebook. In my neck of the woods, we have a couple of them. People post everything from baby clothes to RV’s on it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen bows, camo, ATV’s, and other hunting gear pop in the feed. You have to be quick to beat other thrifty shoppers because it’s usually first come first serve. On the other hand, you could use it to get rid of some of your old gear and then use the money to hit up some of the other sites listed here!

7. Bass Pro Bargain Cave

Bass Pro Shops purchased Cabela’s in 2017 and adopted the Bargain Cave concept. This means more great deals for all of us. There is a constant flow of new deals here so keep your eye on it to snag a good deal.

8. eBay

eBay has evolved from a place where people sell their used gear to a full-blown online retailer. Many niche brands sell almost exclusively on eBay because it’s so easy to register and get started selling. In addition to these niche companies, you have the thrill of bidding on used hunting gear and using the Buy it Now feature to land awesome deals.

I bought a hub-style hunting blind on eBay that was brand new but didn’t have the box for almost 50% off retail. The best part? I got to sit in it with my 6-year-old son and call in a great whitetail buck. Read that story here.

9. Amazon

We all know about I almost hesitate to list Amazon here because it is more about convenience than discounts. Like all retailers though, things still go on sale sometimes. That means even Amazon can be a great place to find cheap hunting gear. Click here to check out the latest Amazon Hunting Deals.

12. Archery Talk

Archery Talk is representative of the majority of hunting forums in that most of them have a classified thread where you can browse used gear people are trying to get rid of. Classifieds can be a bit of a gamble but the risk can be worth the reward. I’ve seen so many decked out bows and expensive gear go for super cheap on these sites. It’s those guys that upgrade every year and dump their old gear. And those guys help guys like us stick to our budgets.

10. Dvor

In order to unlock the awesome deals on Dvor you have to be a member. Luckily it’s free to join and once you’re in you have access to discounted optics, knives, game calls, tactical gear, and tons of other hunting and shooting gear.

11. The Clymb

The Clymb is like the lovechild of Dvor and Steep and Cheap. It’s a free membership site but more geared toward generalized outdoor recreation than just hunting. If you think creatively you will definitely be able to find some useful gear here.

Offline Places to find Cheap Hunting Gear:

Not all great gear deals are found on the internet. There are still some great deals to be had by old fashioned boots on the ground shopping.

12. Garage Sales

I bought my first treestand and my first archery target at a garage sale. These can be a bit hit and miss because you never know what you’re going find. But when you do find a piece of cheap hunting gear it will feel like you won the lottery.

13. Thrift Stores

My wife loves to shop at thrift stores. I haven’t found too much hunting gear at thrift stores but I have bought a fair bit of camo off the racks at Goodwill. It’s not always pretty but I like to have some less-glamorous camo in my closet for dirty jobs.

14. Clearance at Local Sporting Goods Stores

I was just at our local sporting goods store and they had an entire rack of Sitka Gear for sale. It was last year’s lineup so it was 40-60% off. Can’t beat a deal like that.

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