Nose Jammer Review: Snake Oil? Or Magic Deer Killing Potion?

Hunting gear often comes to market boasting some sort of new technology. When you dig deeper you generally find this new technology is rooted firmly in science, superstition, or a fuzzy grey area somewhere in between. This is especially the case when it comes to the arena of scent control. For decades (maybe longer) hunters have been trying anything and everything to get the upper hand on the whitetail deer’s nose.

Nose Jammer came on the scent control scene a few years ago making some pretty big claims. In a nutshell, they claim Nose Jammer is essentially able to confuse a deer’s nose making it unable to detect or distinguish human scent. On top of “Jamming” their ability to smell it does this without alerting them to any danger.

How it works?

The entire scent control industry exists using a sort of quasi-science. I mean we can’t really interview a deer about what he can smell and what he can’t smell. As far as I can tell Nose Jammer is no different. Their website claims it works by overwhelming a deer’s olfactory (smell) senses. They claim that Nose Jammer causes a sort of sensory overload that diminishes a deer’s ability to distinguish lesser scents. Similar to the way a bright light would temporarily blind your ability to see, Nose Jammer is able to temporarily blind their sense of smell. It could be compared to the way the smell of food is strong when you enter a restaurant but after a few minutes, you barely notice it. Olfactory overload.

You can read their entire description of how Nose Jammer works on their website, but if you are anything like me you are probably a bit skeptical at this point.

What is Nose Jammer?

Despite all the sciency-graphics and fancy explanations, it should be said that Nose Jammer is probably just a cover scent. That’s not to say it doesn’t work exactly like Nose Jammer would have us believe. But let’s face it, you don’t just get olfactory overload from one scent. You get it anytime you encounter a strong odor. So it would stand to reason that any strong scent that doesn’t spook deer could have a “nose jamming” effect.

Nose Jammer smells AMAZING. It smells kind of like vanilla.

It’s actually something called Vanillin mixed with other compounds found in trees, shrubs, and grasses. These compounds are combined in a concentrated formula that delivers a non-threatening smell to deer effectively overloading their olfactory gland without making them wary of human presence.

Does it Really Work?


I have used Nose Jammer for the past five years bowhunting whitetails so I have a pretty good sample size of experiences with it in the field. As I said before, my personal opinion is that it is really just a cover scent. My experience with Nose Jammer has been REALLY good.

It has been a useful tool in my Whitetail hunting arsenal.

No cover scent is a cure-all for a good scent control regimen. If you think spraying a bunch of Nose Jammer on your gear will make you invisible to a deer’s nose I think you will be disappointed, but it is definitely a product that will help give you that extra edge.

Here’s How I Use Nose Jammer

Tactic #1: Spray it on your boots.
Once I am in the target zone near my tree stand (usually within about 500 yds) I will spray my boots with Nose Jammer. I want to avoid leaving a scent trail that will alert deer of my presence if they cross my entry path.

Nose Jammer has been fantastic when using this tactic. In the past, I have watched as deer become uneasy and sometimes bolt as they cross my approach path. Using Nose Jammer on my boots they don’t get spooky at all. I have even had does follow my exact path right to the base of the tree that I’m sitting in. This is the primary way I use Nose Jammer.

Tactic #2: Spray it on the base of the tree below your tree stand.
When employing this tactic I will spray Nose Jammer generously on the base of the tree before I climb into the stand. I employ this tactic when I’m going to be sitting for a long time on a still day. I imagine my scent pooling around the tree with no breeze to carry it away, and I hope the smell of Nose Jammer will serve to mask the scent pool.

Once again I have never seen a deer spook when it winded the Nose Jammer. On the contrary, it has worked more like an attractant. Does and fawns have walked up and licked the tree right underneath me completely unaware of my presence.

Final Thoughts

I can’t tell you what happens to a deer’s nose when it gets a whiff of Nose Jammer, but it has worked for me. As a cover scent it’s a dang good one! A can of this stuff won’t break the bank but it may give you the scent control edge that you need to get a shot at Mr. Big.

If you’re considering giving Nose Jammer a try I recommend buying the Value Combination Pack.

Nose Jammer now offers a wide variety of products including:

DeodorantSoapShampoo & Body WashLaundry DetergentDryer SheetsField WipesA Predator VersionAerosol Field Spray

Nose Jammer would make a great gift for the hunter in your life. Check out our complete list of Gift Ideas for Hunters!

Nose Jammer Review: Does it REALLY Work?
As a cover scent it's a dang good one! A can of this stuff won't break the bank but it may give you the scent control edge that you need to get a shot at Mr. Big.
Ease of Use
In Field Effectiveness
What We Love
  • Doesn't spook deer.
  • Smells great.
  • Masks human odor
What We Hate
  • Aerosol can is noisy in backpack
4.7Overall Score

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