A hunting dog is so much more than a pet.  A hunting dog is a partner in the woods.  It’s a part of the family and will be a trusted companion on many adventures.  Choosing the perfect name for your new pup is as personal as naming a child.  We’ve compiled a list of the best rugged, gritty, hunting dog names we could think of to help you pick the perfect name for your future hunting buddy!


Classic Hunting Dog Names


One of the best times of day to hunt, and one of the best times of day to be in the woods.



Stealthy and silent like every good predator has to be.  Just imagine your hunting dog “Shadow” slipping quietly through the forest.



A good nose and a knack for tracking down whatever your target may be.



Fur trapping was America’s first “gold rush”.  In the early 1800’s adventurous men pushed west into the wild seeking to make their fortune hunting, and trapping fur-bearing critters.  This name taps into that rugged spirit that drove them to adventure.



The best time of the year to hunt big game because during the rut animal activity increases as the animals seek to breed.



Fair chase is a founding principle of modern hunting ethics.  A good hunting dog needs to have a little chase in it.



Just imagine your dog dodging to and fro, nose to the ground, looking for birds, or shed antlers.



A major part of any type of hunting.  Maybe choosing this name will be a reminder to you and to your dog to relax and enjoy nature even when your hunt isn’t as successful as you would like.



Most hunters would agree that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good!



He is known best for the assassination of Julius Cesar.  But we don’t tend to think of hunting as assassination… Still, the name Brutus has taken on a life of it’s own.  It’s tough, and burly sounding and so we like it for a big old hunting dog.



Just a classic name.  It’s short and harkens back to an earlier day when the west was still wild and unsettled.



A stage every antler-bearing animal goes through while growing antlers.



Implies speed and precision.  Two qualities that are generally appreciated in a good hunting dog.



Like William Wallace the Scottish freedom fighter who helped Scotland win independence from the English in 1297.  If hunting is where you feel free, the name Wallace is a reminder that freedom comes at a cost.



An army ranger is one of the most hardcore branches of the us military.  These elite men push themselves to the limit in training to make sure they are prepared for anything.  Just like your elite hunting dog will need to be prepared for the field.



Maybe you want your hunting dog to be a “killer”, maybe you just want to predict success in the field.



This can have multiple hunting connotations.  It could mean hitting the center ring of a target.  Or your new pup may remind you of a dog you had in the past, in which case, Ringer could be short for “dead ringer” meaning lookalike.



You want your hunting dog to target prey like a heat seeking missile.


Archery Related Hunting Dog Names


Points right at the target just like a hunting dog with a good nose.



The name of the mechanism that gives compound bows such incredible force.  Also the name of popular hunting celebrity Cam(eron) Hanes



It’s one of the most popular broadheads of all time and it makes a great hunting dog name.



The curves and lines of an archer at full draw have inspired people for centuries as have the curves and lines of a hunting dog alert and erect in the field.



Popular bow manufacturer, it’s a name with a great rustic quality to it.



A quiver full of arrows stirs the anticipation of a new hunt full of possibilities, just like a new pup is full of untapped potential and adventure.


Gun and Ammunition Related Hunting Dog Names


Usually associated with the shotguns, gauge refers to the number of lead balls of a particular diameter that add up to one pound.  12 and 20 gauges are among the most popular shotguns.

Cali (short for Caliber)

A great name for your female hunting dog, Caliber is the approximate diameter of the inside of a gun barrel.


This name needs little to no explanation.  A hunting dog with this name would be destined for greatness.



A hard grey rock used with steel to create the spark needed to fire early hunting rifles. This name strikes me as a great name for a hunting dog with an old soul.



Strength and precision are two excellent qualities in a hunting dog.  Your prey would taste the bite of a hunting dog named Steel.



The moment of ignition that sends your projectile downrange.  For a dog who would ignite the hunt.


Smoke (Smokey)

The barrel of your gun will be smoking after your hunting dog “Smoke” flushes out your quarry.



A part of the firing mechanism, I like how aggressive it sounds.  Could be the perfect name for an assertive pooch.



Not so much part of hunting, but definitely a staple in gun culture a Tank may be the ultimate weapon.  It’s a giant gun on an armor-plated vehicle with tracks.  Tank is an alpha name for sure.



An early muzzleloading rifle that fired a small steel ball.



The thing you pull to fire your weapon.  A dog with this name would always be ready to “pull the trigger”



A great moniker for a hunting dog with speed and an accurate nose.



A type of action on many popular hunting rifles or the projectile fired from a crossbow.



A small gun small to be fired with one hand.



That particular shade of orange that every hunter is required to wear during firearms season.


Magnum (Maggie)

in gun talk a Magnum fires a cartridge that’s more powerful than its caliber would imply.  This would be a great name for a hunting dog you hope will punch above his weight class.



A gun sport where clay discs known as pigeons are flung into the air and shooters attempt to shoot them before they hit the ground.



Hunting Dog Names Based on Popular Gun Brands


Another popular gun brand.  My first rifle was a Ruger 10/22.  Maybe your first hunting dog should be named Ruger.


Winchester (Chester, Winnie, Esther for short)

The rifle that won the west.  Winchester lever-action repeating rifles were used in wars from Mexico all the way to the Ottoman Empire.


Remington (Remy)

The oldest American gun manufacturer, Remington is still making guns today, over 200 years later.  This could be a great name for a hunting dog who will live long and be reliable all of his days.



Makers of the first successful revolvers, Colt was the industry standard beginning with the 1800’s into the 20thcentury.



The last name of Horace Smith who co-founded the Smith & Wesson Company in 1852. The company still exists today and is one of the most popular gun manufacturers in history


Wesson (Wes)

The last name of Daniel B Wesson who, along with Horace Smith, founded the Smith & Wesson Company.  Wes would make a fantastic hunting dog name.


Hunting Dog Names Based on Duck Hunting


Duck hunting dog names

Makers of everything from decoys to hunting blinds.

High Ball

A loud long distance duck call used to draw in far away ducks.



A small flat-bottomed boat used in duck hunting.



Some of the best duck hunting can happen in pretty small bodies of water.  You might even call them puddles.  Why not call your hunting dog “puddler” as he goes into those puddles to retrieve the downed ducks?



It’s an English/Saxon name that actually means bird-catcher.



Hunting Dog Names Based on Duck Dynasty


The leader and CEO of Duck Commander.



Always one for a bit of dry humor, Jase is also the COO of Duck Commander


Si (Silas)

Uncle Si is a Vietnam veteran and full of backwoods wisdom.



Founder of Duck Commander, naming your hunting dog after Phil may make you “Happy, Happy, Happy”.



The youngest of Phil and Miss Kay’s sons.



The adopted son of Willie and Korie.



An employee at Duck Commander for over a decade Godwin helps make the duck calls and fulfill other duties in the company.


Miss Kay

The matriarch of the Duck Dynasty



Willie’s eldest daughter


John Luke

Willie’s eldest son


Animal Related Hunting Dog Names


A pika is a small furry mammal that looks like a rabbit with shorter ears.  It’s cute but it lives and thrives in harsh mountainous terrain.



A male deer or rabbit, two popular game animals.



A Jake is a juvenile male turkey.



A mature male duck of any duck species



A mature male turkey



Charismatic mega-fauna.  Bear is a strong name encapsulating the strength of an entire species.

We have an entire list of names meaning Bear HERE!


Hawks have exceptional eye-sight and pick out tiny prey from far away.


Griz (Grizzly)

Why not pick the biggest, baddest carnivore in North America to represent your new hunting dog?



The largest deer in the world, these gangly looking animals are majestic and beautiful.



A male moose or elk, this moniker has a strong, aggressive quality to it.



As strong as an ox.  The muskox one of Alaska and Canada’s favorite game animals.


Hunting Dog Names Based on Geographic locations


It means mountain and it’s a hunting and outdoors paradise.



A native American name shared by two US states, it means friend or ally.  It’s perfect because your hunting dog will be a great friend and ally.



A land filled with adventure.  The Yukon has a wide selection of hunting opportunities.



Boasts premiere hunting for many big game species, birds, furbearers and more.


Texas (Tex)

Guns and hunting are deeply embedded in Texas culture.



Known for fantastic elk hunting and high-country mule deer.


Hunting Dog Names Based on Terrain Features


Your dog will not turn back when he’s on the scent, chasing ridge after ridge until that cat is treed.



This one has a classic sound to it.  Not to mention that looking down from a cliff can give you an excellent vista from which you can plan your hunt.



A canyon often has a river or creek flowing directly down the center of it. Where there are rivers there are game trails and that is a perfect place to turn your dog loose.


Hunting Dog Names from fiction

 Old Dan

One of the coon dogs from Wilson Rawls classic children’s novel Where the Red Fern Grows.


Little Ann

The other coon dog from Where the Red Fern Grows.



The wild wolfdog from Jack London’s novel White Fang



The central character (dog) in Jack London’s novel Call of the Wild.



Ok.  So the Stephen King novel turned 80’s horror movie about a rabid, killer, Saint Bernard may seem a little frightening but if you want your hunting dog to have a bit of a vicious streak in him this could be the name to pick.

hunting dog names

Names from Famous Hunters, Shooters, and conservationists

Crockett (or Davey)

Both the first and last name of this famous woodsman would make great names for your pooch.


Boone (Daniel Boone)

Boone became a folk hero whose legend has grown so large that it is difficult to sort out what is fact and what is myth.  Either way he was a great hunter and woodsman and his legend could live on with his spirit alive in your hunting dog.


Annie (Annie Oakley)

Sharp-shooter and performer in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show among other exploits.


Jeremiah (Jeremiah Johnson)

A mountain man and trapper famous for his revenge spree on the Crow Indians who killed his wife.  It is said Johnson vowed to eat the liver of each of his wife’s killers.


Teddy (Roosevelt)

Often thought of as a father of modern conservation.  The 26thpresident of the united states was an avid adventurer and outdoorsman.


Aldo (Leopold)

Sounds kinda like Fido right? Aldo was an influential figure in the development of the modern ecology movement.  He hunted predators in New Mexico early in his career and later coined the term “wilderness” to describe his ideas for restoring and maintaining a diverse natural environment.


Hemingway (Ernest)

Author and outdoorsman, Hemingway was known as a world-class hunter and expert marksman.  He is still considered a symbol of classic masculinity today.



The last known member of the Yahi people. Ishi was admired for his skill hunting with a bow by Saxton Pope and Art Young and eventually passed on his knowledge to them.


Pope (Saxton/Pope & Young Club)

One of the founders of modern archery hunting


Bridger (Jim)

A tracker, trapper, and guide who explored the Rocky Mountains.  Claims to fame include being with Hugh glass when he was mauled by a grizzly and being among the first white men to see the Yellowstone area.



Biblical hunter best known for his hairy arms and red skin.  His brother Jacob tricked him and stole his inheritance. Maybe a good combo if you have two dogs to name; Jacob and Esau?


Bill (Buffalo Bill Cody)

Buffalo hunter and showman, Buffalo Bill is a legend in the west.


Hugh (Glass)

The famous tracker whose life inspired the movie “The Revenant” was mauled by a Grizzly bear.  Not only could he follow a track he was one tough son of a gun.


More Names Based on Popular Gun Brands








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