It’s been a tough year for shed hunting.

T he ground has been covered in snow since Thanksgiving.  Normally February is prime time for finding whitetail sheds, but most of the areas I hunt are either inaccessible or covered in snow.  As I wait for the spring weather to thaw the snow I took a look back my trail-camera pictures from last summer.

This is my list of the sheds I hoping to stumble upon when the ground is finally bare.

There are two reasons a shed lands on my list.   Some of these bucks are just plain cool.  This year I had several bucks that were sporting “drooping” tines.  I’m not sure what caused this.  Most of these bucks weren’t very old bucks but I would love to get my hands on all that unique bone.

The rest of the bucks on the list are bucks that I’ve been watching for a few years and I just want to know they survived hunting season and the winter.  I’ve been following several of these bucks for years and I am just hoping they will still be out there to chase next year.


1.  Hook

2. Heff

3. Lefty

4.  Gronk

5. Goof

6. Nick

7. Big Bird

8.  Mickey

9.  Sixer

10.  Any Other Shed I Can Find

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