Here are 24 of the best bold baby names we could find meaning Bear.

There are many reasons one would consider baby names meaning BEAR.  Why not pick a name representing such a powerful and beautiful animal?  It is a strong name encapsulating the charisma and courage of the animal it denotes.  Survivalist and outdoorsman Bear Grylls is synonymous with adventure and the outdoors for an entire generation.  It’s charismatic mega fauna at it’s best and has been a baby name used for centuries.

Most of these names are traditionally boy’s names but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t cross them over.  Several would make really cool girls names as well.

1.  Bear:

This one is obvious.  It needs no description.

2.  Bjorn:

Germanic and Scandinavian origins meaning, “Bear”

3.  Turin:

From the shortened form of the French name Art(h)urin, a form of Arthur which originates from the Celtic word “artos” meaning “bear”.

4.  Arthur:

A name filled with valor and courage dating back to the legend of King Arthur. An English boy’s name meaning, “Bear”.

5.  Attie:

A Celtic/Gaelic boy’s name meaning “Strong As a Bear”.

6.  Auberon:

This Germanic boy’s name means “Noble or Royal Bear”

7.  Bernard:

Germanic boy’s name meaning, “Bold As a Bear”

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8.  Barret:

A Germanic boy’s name meaning, “Mighty as a Bear

9.  Berend:

A Germanic boy’s name meaning, “Brave as a Bear”

10.  Berrin:

Germanic boy’s name meaning, “Bear”

11.  Berwin:

English boy’s name meanin, “Bear Friend”

12.  Burnell:

English boy’s name meaning, “Strong as a Bear

13.  Burnette:

English boys name meaning, “Bear: Brown”

14.  Espen:

Norse boy’s name meaning, “Bear of God”

15.  Kuma:

Japanese boy’s name meaning “Bear”

16.  Kuruk:

American (Pawnee) name meaning, “Bear”

17.  Mahon:

Celtic/Gaelic Boys Name meaning, “Bear”

18.  Mathe:

Hebrew boy’s name meaning, “Bear”

19.  Matheson:

English boy’s name meaning, “Son of the Bear

20.  Oberon:

Germanic boy’s name meaning, “Bear Heart”

21.  Orsin

Latin boy’s name meaning, “Bear”

22.  Orson

The English boy’s name meaning, “Bear Cub”

23.  Turi:

Spanish boy’s name meaning, “Bear”

24.  Urso:

Italian boy’s name meaning, “Bear”

25.  Misha:

Russian name meaning bear (thank you to everyone who mentioned it in the comments).

Are there any that we missed?  Let us know if you have a great baby name that shares the meaning “Bear”

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  1. Chell

    Misha! Russian name meaning Bear. Thanks for the list, I have a little black morkie that needs a bear name!


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